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Accessibility, inclusion, the way forwards


The Las Eretas Museum brings you an innovative system via Bluetooth which makes all the information at the museum available to people with visual disabilities on their mobile phones.

Thanks to the new system, blind and partially sighted people can access the information on the explanatory panels in the exhibition. This information is provided in audio and in expandable print on their devices. Each panel has a Bluetooth transmitter which connects to the visitor's mobile phone, allowing them to access the texts and descriptions which accompany the panels and models. The person with visual disability just has to have the free Beepcons application installed on his or her mobile.

This new system has been created in collaboration with the Iddeas Foundation, which has greatly inspired us to see our museum through different eyes.

We also have the leaflet in braille if you wish to use this system.


The Las Eretas Museum and Archaeological Site offers visitors audio induction loops for those with hearing difficulties. This type of resource can be very useful for people with impaired hearing, cochlear implants, etc.

We also have the documentary shown in the museum with sign language in both Basque and Spanish.

This work was commissioned and validated by Asociación Eunate Elkartea, which actively contributed towards this great accessibility improvement.

In addition to the documentary, the panels at the Las Eretas Museum also have QRs so visitors can download the information in sign language



Here are the cultural outreach leaflets in the easy-read system.

Easy-read is a reading/writing system adapted for people with intellectual disabilities which follows European standards for writing.

The general information leaflets we present here have been worked on and validated by ANFAS.

Each of the panels at the Las Eretas Museum also has a QR so visitors can download the information in easy-read format to make everything simpler for everybody to understand.


Actions for people with motor disabilities were one of the priorities for access to the archaeological site; the gravel paths were replaced with wooden walkways which are much easier to get around on.

If you use a wheelchair, walker or crutches to get around, you can come to visit us without problems because our museum is entirely on the ground floor and has adapted toilets. Access to the site is via a wooden walkway so you can visit it without difficulty. Here are a few photos to encourage you to come.




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